The following is a collection of various (fanon – written by players) writings from religious philosophers who worship or study the nature of the Holy Light.  These are not categorized by any particular (guild) or my own personal opinion of importance / truth, unless of course it is one that I have written personally.  If your own writing is not here, and you would like it to be – please feel free to provide that information to me.

                Sister Callistrate – Inquisitor Superior

                Clergy of the Holy Light

OOC Note

For the ease of this project, I will only list the author of the document if it is not contained within the document itself.  If one is not listed, I do not have that information and will update this if it is provided to me. 


Library of Ecclesiastical Documents

The Codex of Scripture

The Codex of Hours

The Codex of Rites

[Constitution] – Communio Sanctorum

The Martyrology

[Constitution] – Sacra Mysteria

The Code of Cannon Law

The Northshire Catechism

The Empowered Rite of Expurgation

A Truth of the Light

[Prayer] Something of the Light

Faith, Fate, Compassion