To all who serve the Light, whether it be in this diocese or another,

It occurs to me that too often the Virtue of Compassion is distorted, due to the idea of Fate. Too popular is the notion that our lives are predetermined, because it ignores the fact that we have choices.

I have seen too many deaths and injuries occur because people abuse the notion of Faith. Yes, Faith is crucial. But as agents of the Light it is our responsibility to take action. We should not rely on miracles.

The supernatural intervention of the Light is a very real thing, whether it is an occurrence of our own strengths being enhanced or any other beneficial happening that would be normally impossible.

This does not mean we should sit back and allow abuses to occur, hoping for and assuming a miracle will occur, when we have the ability to influence the outcome. Often the Light will require our action and intervene only when our own abilities are spent.

This attitude also results in the Light being blamed for human apathy. People who cannot fend for themselves are being stupidly encouraged to wander into hostile situations with no protection. That 'they were probably going to die anyway' is not a good excuse. It is not necessarily the 'Light's Will', it is your will because you chose not to make the right choice for them. The Light gives you options.

In closing, I am not contradicting what has been written on Compassion, but suggesting that some fail to realize that the necessity of enduring hardship to grow; is only half of the equation. It is even described as a double edged sword. Someone who has been ripped to pieces, has not grown stronger and benefitted from their pain. Please try to understand the distinction.

Light Keep
Sister Callistrate, The Orthodox   -  Inquisitor Superior