Source: Jadelia Naldrion, The Refulgent Inquisitor Superior

The Empowered Rite of Expurgation may be performed by an Inquisitor or any legitimately recognized priest, bishop, or paladin of the Church of the Holy Light, with the assistance of an appointed Holy Artificer or by the previous if they have recieved training in the specialized field. This Rite is within the Cleansing and Restorative ordinations of the Light to be used for the purposes of unbinding and breaking of grevious curses or other afflictions of the body and spirit. As with the Rite of Exorcism the Minister to celebrate the rite should be well-repected amongst the faithful as a pillar of holiness, and should prepare himself with much prayer.


The Minister goes to the place where the ritual is to be performed and greets everyone saying:


Peace be upon this place.

Response: And also with you.


Then he says:

Cleanse, Unchain, and set Free your servant, O Most Holy Light.

Response: Who trusts in Thee.


Then, he recites the prayer of Archbishop Faol:


O Light, which dwelleth ever within us and without,

We sanctify ourselves to Thee.

It is Thy will within us that should will,

And Thy desire within us that should desire.

Lo, Thou makest our nights become our days,

knowing our needs ere they exist;

Thou art our only need, aye, and in Thy merciful giving of Thyself,

Response: Thou givest all.


Then, the Minister says:

Let us pray.


O most Holy Light, cleanse this servant of Thine, who crieth out to Thee, from the woes of affliction physical and spiritual spawned from the machinations of Darkness, and restore their body and spirit through Thy mercy I plead. For thou art glorious on high.


At this point the Holy Artificer and an assistant assisting in the cleansing rite or a pair of assistants appointed by the Minister trained in the specialized field of artifice should have prepared the Divine Circuit according to the illustrated drawing, using the anchor sigils of the virtues at the main sigil array, followed by the active sigils of cleansing, redemption, illumination, rebuking, and consecration on the outer arms the number of which should be no more or less than three and on the ends of which shall be the channeler focuses. At the center of the Divine Circuit should be placed the Chalice of Absolution(Holy Relic) filled with a solution of water and other components according to the nature of the affliction. These components should be divined prior to the performance of the ritual. Once this circular area has been prepared the afflicted is to then walk to the center of the Divine Circuit lift the Chalice of Absolution and prepare to consume the contents of the chalice on the signal of the Minister.


The Minister and their assistants then stand within the channeler focuses of the Divine Circuit and begin empowering the circuit with the channeling of holy power through it. At this point the Minister should indicate to the afflicted to consume the contents of the Chalice of Absolution then he invokes the Light saying:


O most Holy Light, I beseech Thee on the behalf of thy servant -name of the afflicted-, that thou in Thy gracious mercy may restore Thy servant unto health, freed from the woes of their affliction. I plead unto Thee, O most Holy Light, I who am a minister of Thy communion despite my unworthiness; Cleanse, Unchain, and set Free Thy Servant sparing them from the suffering and misery this affliction of darkness hath placed upon them. Thou art the Salvation of the Faithful, Foe of the Unjust, Begetter of Life, Thou bringer of Hope, Bearer of Justice, Thou Source of All Good and Divine; Protector of Man. Grantest Thou, O most Holy Light the cure of this affliction.


The Invocation may be repeated or extended with readings as necessary according to the wisdom of the Minister.