Source: Jadelia Naldrion, The Refulgent Inquisitor Superior

Within the Light there is Clarity. There is Hope and Unity. The power of the fel, the shadow, and all things of darkness hold no glory against the most Divine Light. The chains that bind unto damnation are broken. Our spirits awoken unto the Truth.


It is through service unto our fellow that we are made strong not through the selfish acts of those who look for the easy path, nay are we empowered even by speaking ill of those whom we disagree with. Do we walk the narrow road tread by few, or is it the path well traveled by many who are of the world which we set our feet? Is it by spiritual trials we are shaped, or do we simply follow along with the words of others not searching out for our own understanding? It is through self sacrifice, selfless actions, and heeding the words of the Light by which we are made anew. The Light empowers the faithful who listen to its majestic voice and turn from selfish desires. Woe unto the agents of the evils of our world and beyond when the servants of the Light heed its Truth and are united together.


Through unity we are made whole, strengthened beyond our own ability to achieve alone. Indeed a Truth of the Light is Unity. In unity there is Clarity, Hope, and all things which shall cast aside the night of darkness and herald in the Glorious Dawn. Be united in all works you who claim to be a servant an follower of the Light, be united with your fellow, speak not ill of them when your own heart too is not without its own failings and temptations. For to be without unity is to fall and to have your inner light be extinguished, to be cast into darkness. It is to be without charity, without compassion unto another, to be one who denies Truth believing that they are without fault, and yes to even be one who reviles their fellow.


Who then shall be as a guide unto your fellows? Who then shall cast their inner light as a beacon to give the clarity of sight in the darkness? When you have fallen and are without light? Without your part in the unity of the Light your fellows will have to endure an increased burden upon their own shoulders. Without you there to help guide them, to help ease the burden they endure, to give them respite they may be overwhelmed and fall along their own path unable to overcome the trials that await them. Would that you should bear knowing that an ill spoken word or act made in misguided error, your heart burdened by hatreds, bring about the downfall of your fellow? Heed my admonishment my fellows who are in service to the Light, I plead with thee.


Be as an example of unity in your service to the faithful and the Light. Seek out the weary that you might be able to ease their burden if even for a moment. Uplift the spirits of those whom are searching for hope that they might find it. For these things are the calling of all who believe in the Holy Light. I plead and emplore you my fellows of the Light to forgive those whom have crossed you, to seek forgiveness from those you have crossed, and shed the misgivings and grudges of the past which you may have held onto. These things, these grudges, misgivings, and hatreds for your fellow whom may have crossed you in the past. They are but hinderances keeping you from fully embracing the wisdom of the Holy Light. No man, no person of privilege, or of poverty is beyond the need for the Light's embrace. Yet how can the Light embrace you, when you allow darkness to fester within your heart? Why do you allow these things to shackle you down unto darkened paths which lead only to damnation? Shake these chains my fellows, break them, and be not burdened by them any longer.

Unity is indeed the Wisdom and Truth of the most Holy Light.