Source: Jadelia Naldrion, The Refulgent Inquisitor Superior

Oh Servants of the Light give thou not unto woe and dread, for Behold the Light hath shed its graces unto thee in wonderful splendor that thou may lay thy head with in its mercy instead. Give not heed unto those who breed unkind words and against thou feed the world lies and in jealousy plead, Your head upon the ground to bleed. For in searching thou shalt read it is the Light's chosen who shall succeed against all foes through the virtues: respect, tenacity, and compassion, not misdeed. So hear these words as they decree, Allow the Light to intercede and joyfully proceed. Do not thine heart allow them to mislead, For with speed thou wilt find the presence of the Light recede. Be thou one that shall sing indeed with praise unto the Light, let it be guaranteed the virtues are thy creed.